ZB Financial Holdings chief retires

Published: 10 June 2013
The Board of ZB Financial Holdings has advised that Mr. Elisha Nyikadzino Mushayakarara retires as Group Chief Executive with effect from 31 May 2013. Mr. Mushayakarara joined ZBFH as Group Chief Executive in August 1993.

Mutandagayi has been appointed the new Group Chief Executive with effect from 01 June 2013. Ron is currently the Managing Director of ZB Bank having joined the group as Head of Finance and Risk in February 2004. He is a CA (Z) and holds a B.Acc (UZ) as well as a MBL (UNISA).

The Board also issued a notice that the ZB Financial Holdings' 24th Annual General Meeting of shareholders shall be held in the Board Room, Ninth Floor, ZB House, 46 Speke Avenue, Harare, on Friday 31 May 2013, at 1030hrs for the normal business conducted at such meetings. No special business is tabled.

The Board declared a final dividend of US 0.16c per share for FY 2012 bringing the total dividend for the year to US 0.34c a share. The LDR for the final dividend has been amended to Friday 24 May 2013 and the dividend will be paid on or about 29 May 2013.
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