deVere group 'zooms in' on Zimbabwe

deVere group 'zooms in' on Zimbabwe
Published: 23 July 2013
Belgian-based financial consultancy and investment firm deVere Group (deVere) plans to strengthen its foothold in Zimbabwe after cutting ties with Tetrad Investment Bank.

Last week, the group, with an office in the capital Harare, announced it was seeking local financial advisors to manage its clientele in the country.

deVere, which in January severed its two-year relationship with Tetrad after the latter indicated plans to transform into a commercial bank, says it has noticed an increase in the number of high net-worth individuals across Africa, including Zimbabwe.

Craig Featherby, deVere's head of Africa operations, said the continent's natural resources and commodities have caught the attention of large multi-national players who have been trickling into various African markets over the past few years.
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