Econet continues to lead Zimbabwe mobile telco space

Econet continues to lead Zimbabwe mobile telco space
Published: 11 October 2019
THE mobile telecoms industry continued to register subscriptions growth despite the challenges the industry and the entire economy face, underlining the importance of communication.

The total number of active mobile subscriptions as at June 30, 2019 was 12 354 315, representing a 1,8 percent growth from 12 134 455 recorded in the first quarter.

According to the report released by the sector regulator, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz), Econet remains the market leader across the board as it continued to register steady growth and competitive numbers against rival networks.

Econet's mobile subscribers grew to 8 574 412 from 8 460 405 in the first quarter, while NetOne's mobile subscribers grew from 2 593 444 to 2 752 458.

Telecel was the only mobile operator to record a decline in active subscriptions in the second quarter, from 1 027 445 to 1 080 606.
While there was an overall 1,1 percent decline in mobile voice traffic in the second quarter of 2019, Econet increased its voice traffic market share by 1,3 percent, to close the quarter at 80,1 percent voice market share. Econet also emerged in the second quarter with the biggest chunk of the overall market at 78,8 percent, while NetOne closed at 17,5 percent and Telecel trailed its rivals at 3,7 percent.

In terms of mobile data and Internet usage, the market witnessed an 8,2 percent decline, with Econet commanding the lion's share of 71,9 percent of the mobile data market, NetOne notching 23,8 percent, and Telecel only managing 4,3 percent.

There was no major change in the market share of base stations from the previous quarter as Econet again maintained its market leadership, due to its steady investment in 2G, 3G and LTE coverage infrastructure over the years.

Potraz noted the progress made by NetOne in growing its subscriber base in Q2 by 6,1 percent, albeit from a much smaller base after the State-owned operator lost 20,4 percent of its customers in the prior quarter.
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