ZNCC elects new leadership

Published: 04 July 2019
THE Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) has elected a new executive with Mr Tamuka Macheka retaining the presidency for the next calendar year.  However, of note is lack of gender balance in the eight-member top executive comprising president, his deputy and four regional vice presidents.  

Mr Macheka was re-elected for a second term at the recent chamber's AGM here where budding businessman, Dr Tinashe Manzungu (34), was voted deputy president of the influential body of captains of industry.

Outgoing deputy president, Mr Ozias Marange, opted not to stand for re-election due to work commitments.

Regional vice presidents include Messrs Golden Muoni (Matabeleland), Michael Phiri (Midlands), Clive Chinwada (Manicaland) and Archie Dongo of Mashonaland. Mr Macheka is a tourism executive who has served as a general manager for many big hotels in Zimbabwe.  

Currently he is running his own hospitality leisure and events business under Kestmer Investments and is a Zimbabwean partner for Vista Group International, a company focusing on investment promotion into the region.  

In his acceptance speech, Mr Macheka said his goal will be to mobilise the private sector to lobby Government for economic growth.  

"We will try and cover as much ground as possible in terms of lobbying from the business side," he said.

His deputy, Dr Manzungu said now is the time for a new generation to lead industry. He is founder of TM Group, a diversified firm with interests in construction, ICT, health and micro finance with presence in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Rwanda and Zambia.  

Under the TM Group are; Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund, Zimbuild Property Investments, NetComs, Prime Mutual Properties, Tinrue Finance and Africa Haven Funeral Services. His expanding business is what stole the hearts of captains of industry at the recent elective AGM. He said hard work pays.  

"I had just finished college in 2010 when I got a job as a freelance marketer for a company selling residential stands. It was through hard work that I have come this far where we have managed to penetrate almost every sector.  

"I can say my story has been that from rags to riches as this did not come on a silver platter. It was through hard work and am honoured to be part of the ZNCC executive where my vision is to work with others as a team and take the chamber and the country to greater heights," he said.

Dr Manzungu specialised in business leadership and has expanded his micro finance business to Botswana, targeting Zimbabweans in that country as part of the group's broader financial inclusion and diversification strategy aimed at embracing the diaspora community.

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