Trump humiliates Europe

Published: 10 June 2018
United States' decision to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran has seen European companies such as Maersk Tankers from Denmark, Germany's Allianz and France's Total are ready to abandon multi-billion-dollar contracts and roll out work in that country until the end of the year.

Europeans will most likely be replaced by the Chinese. In Brussels, they would like to offer resistance to Washington, but they are afraid of sanctions.

The US withdrawal from the treaty with Iran caused outrage in the European Union.

The European Union (EU) Council chairman Donald Tusk made the sharpest criticism of Washington, which sounded from Brussels since 2008.

European Commission (EC) president Jean-Claude Juncker said it was time for the EU to "replace the United States" and show international leadership.

Defending the nuclear accord, Germany's Angela Merkel said Europe must take its destiny into its own hands as the US can no longer be relied upon.

The indignation of the Europeans is explained by the likely loss of the promising Iranian market.

Since the conclusion of the nuclear deal in 2015, companies from the EU have firmly settled down in such areas of the local economy as engineering, air transportation and oil production.

From the three-year-old Iran nuclear accord, it has become increasingly clear that American and European interests have significantly diverged.

While the US barely adhered to the deal, maintaining non-nuclear sanctions on Iran, the Europeans by contrast embraced renewed commercial ties with the Islamic Republic.

Now, European firms will have to choose between the right to invest in Iran and the success of their business in the United States.

Despite the harsh rhetoric of the EU countries, nothing indicates their willingness to be in a conflict with Washington.

In recent decades, the US purchases much more goods in Europe than is supplied in return. The dependence of Europeans on American exports makes them extremely compliant.

So, in 2017, after the introduction of the US package of anti-Russian sanctions that affected the interests of European companies engaged in the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project, European leaders also expressed outrage.

However, further than the harsh statements of German Foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel, Austrian chancellor Christian Kern and EC president Jean-Claude Juncker, then it did not go.

This time, most likely, the same scenario will repeat, as the winning strategy for the EU is not visible.

Europeans are expected to completely surrender on the Iranian issue, giving the market of the Islamic Republic to the Chinese.

The Chinese oil company CNPC has already expressed its willingness to take the share of Total in the development of the South Pars.

Iran is extremely indignant at what is happening. Teheran fulfilled all obligations on the nuclear deal, which is confirmed by the IAEA experts.

Iranian political scientists note that Europe is suffering losses because of the unipolar world order system created by Washington.

In addition to economic and political reasons, the psychological aspect is also important.

The US has become accustomed to acting from a position of strength.

The current world order is defined by the US in such a way that only Washington acts as a guarantor of trade, financial and military organizations regards international relations.
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