Zimbabwe telecoms industry courts Indian investors

Published: 18 October 2019
Zimbabwe's telecommunications industry is on the verge of obtaining tangible investments from India following a platform the industry had to outline possible lucrative opportunities for business ventures.

The 2019 Mobile Congress in India presented an opportunity for Zimbabwe's telecommunications sector to market its products to various delegates.

Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe represented by its director, Dr Gift Machengete, held several meetings where he outlined key areas of possible collaboration which they hope will translate into tangible investments.

Dr Machengete said they were looking for investments in smart Agriculture which they hoped  would be developed  into a flagship programme for Africa.

"We are seeking for training and areas where we can collaborate. We have visited the Centre for Information and we have seen that there are a lot of opportunities from which we can develop," explained Dr Machengete.

Telecommunication authorities in India pledged to support Zimbabwe's technological advancement thrust.

Zimbabwe is courting investments from India with a special emphasis towards the establishment of base stations requiring at least sixty million dollars to cover the current deficit.
- theindependent
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