Zim cost of living marginally decreases

Zim cost of living marginally decreases
Published: 05 May 2014
The cost of living as measured by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe's low income urban earner monthly basket for a family of six marginally decreased by 0,32 percent from the March 2014 figure of $561.24 to $559.42 by end of April 2014.

The decrease of $1.82 comes as the country entered into deflation in March following a continuous fall in prices as aggregate demand weakened.

Deflation refers to a general decline in prices, often caused by a slowdown in supply of money or credit in an economy.

According to CCZ, the food basket decreased by $1,46 or 0,96 percent from $152,81 in March to $151,35 in the review period.

"The price of detergents decreased by 36c or 3,82 percent from $9,43 to $9,07 as a result of the supermarket promotions on most products such as washing powder in all Spar Supermarkets and OK supermarket due to the ongoing Grand Challenge Jackpot promotion," the council said.

Decreases were recorded in the prices of margarine which went down by $1,31 from $2,45 for a 500g tab to $1,14. A head of cabbage went down by 15c from 75c to 60c while tomatoes decreased by 10c from 90c to 80c per kilogramme.

The price of a 2kg of white sugar declined by 10c from $1,85 in the prior period to $1,75 in April while flour went down by 6c from $1,95 to $1,89.

A 2kg of rice went down by 6c from $1,65 to $1,59, washing powder by 8c from 89c to 81c and laundry bars by 4c from $1,00 to 96c.

Increases were recorded in the price of mealie-meal which went down by 80c from $12,30 to $13,10, onions went up by 55c from $1,05 to $1,60 and beef by 50c from $3,90 to $4,40. Cooking oil went up by 4c from $1,61 to $1,65, while tea leaves increased by 2c from $1,85 to $1,87 and bath soap by 1c from 69c to 70c. Prices of the other basic commodities which include fuel and bread remained unchanged from March 2014 figures.

The cost of rent, electricity, water, clothing and footwear also remained the same.
- BH24


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