Ian Makone elected Harare mayor

Published: 12 September 2023
CCC councillor for Ward 18 Ian Makone has been elected Harare mayor and will run the city's affairs for the next five years.

He will be deputised by Ward 41 councillor Kudzai Kadzombe (CCC).

The process was led by the Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Harare Metropolitan Province, Mr Tafadzwa Muguti, town clerk Engineer Hosea Chisango and acting chamber secretary Mr Warren Chiwawa.

Cllr Temany Utete (Zanu-PF) and Cllr Makone were nominated for the mayoral post while Councillor Susan Chuma (Zanu-PF Women's Quota) and Clr Kadzombe, were nominated for the post of deputy mayor.

Cllr Makone garnered 46 votes while Cllr Utete got seven votes while Cllr Kadzombe got 47 votes with Cllr Chuma getting seven.

Speaking after the election, Mr Muguti encouraged the newly elected councillors to take note of key provisions of the Constitution that speak to Government issues.

"I would like you (councillors) to take heed of the Constitution of Zimbabwe to promote democratic and local government, which includes Sections 755, 264, 6274, 74, and 301," he said.

"Section 5 in particular, has the pillar of Government which is the central, provincial and local governments.

"You should know that you are councillors and should follow the provisions of the of Constitution of Zimbabwe."

Mr Muguti said councillors should press on with the devolution agenda so as to develop the city.

"Taking note of devolution is very important to know.

"At this moment, the councillors should have proof of problems including water shortages. As you are aware, devolution funds are a social impact problem.

"Councillors should identify the cause of the shortages and come up with solutions," said Mr Muguti.

Cllr Makone said he will expose everyone engaging in corruption.

"My priority is to fix water problems but we should know that our infrastructure is already damaged so together with the people, we should work to end this problem," he said.

On her part, Clr Kadzombe said: "I am the first woman being chosen. I am going to work together with the mayor to ensure the Vision 2025 of a World Class city is attained."
- The herald
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