Zimbabwe's new MPs to declare assets

Published: 12 September 2023
All newly sworn-in Members of Parliament (MPs) have a deadline of November 7 to submit their financial interests lists to Parliament, as mandated by the Constitution and Parliament's standing rules and orders.

Following the August 23 harmonized elections, where Zanu-PF emerged as the victor, MPs from both the National Assembly and Senate took their oaths of office to inaugurate the 10th Parliament.

Kennedy Chokuda, the Clerk of Parliament, emphasized the importance of declaring financial interests during the elections of the two presiding officers last Friday.

According to Section 198 of the Constitution, in conjunction with Senate Standing Order Number 50 or National Assembly Standing Order Number 51, all members are required to register their financial interests in a book maintained by the Clerk of Parliament under the Speaker's direction.

MPs have a 60-day window from the date of taking their oath of office to declare their financial interests. Failure to adhere to this requirement could lead to contempt of Parliament.

The practice of declaring assets for legislators and Cabinet Ministers was introduced during the Sixth Parliament. In 2016, the Standing Rules and Orders Committee of Parliament approved a draft Asset Declaration Register outlining the types of assets MPs are expected to disclose.

These assets encompass land in and outside Zimbabwe, real estate, movable assets, financial holdings, and other assets like jewelry valued at more than US$25,000. The asset declaration requirement aims to enhance transparency and accountability, foster public trust in public officeholders, and address speculation about the accumulation of wealth by certain individuals in public office.
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