Zimbabwean appointed Bristol mayor's advisor

Published: 01 July 2018
Former Zimbabwean journalist Forward Maisokwadzo has been appointed deputy advisor to Bristol mayor Marvin Jonathan Rees on inclusion.

The 45-year old's brief includes representing the south-western United Kingdom (UK) city alderman on issues related to inclusion, preparing briefings and leading on the delivery of related projects.

"It is an exciting challenge, which l am happy to face. I thank the authorities who have appointed me ahead of many other good candidates. I am humbled by the confidence they have shown… in me (and) the community (where) l come from and will do my best to fulfil the demands of this role," Maisokwadzo said, adding he was "so passionate about justice, fairness and equality".

The city of Bristol is among a few cities in Britain, which have an elected mayor and the Zimbabwean scribe will be working with Rees – a British Labour Party politician, who took office in May 2016.

While the 45 year-old Rees became the first ever mayor of black African-Caribbean descent of a European city, Maisokwadzo was national communications officer for City of Sanctuary in the UK and Ireland.

The latter is deeply involved in Bristol community issues and has been a trustee of a number of charities, including the African Voices Forum, AfriKaEye, The MediaWise Trust, an ethics journalism organisation, Avon and Bristol Law Centre and Zimba FC – a multi-national football club founded to use the natural power of football to bring people together for effective integration.

A City University post-graduate and winner of the European Network against Racism Foundation award, Maisokwadzo is also currently a local preacher on training within the Methodist Church of Great Britain and is actively involved with its local outfit.

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