Small miners seek partnerships

Small miners seek partnerships
Published: 19 June 2018
Small scale gold miners say they are keen to partner big miners and benefit from technology transfer as part of their capacity building programme to improve mining systems.

The bond between the big miners and small scale miners is set to result in even higher gold output in the country, increased foreign currency inflows and a possible readmission to the lucrative London Bullion Market for the country’s yellow metal.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Vice President, Mr Ishmael Kaguru said they are engaging big mining companies first for tribute agreements such that the big miners could tribute some of the their mining claims to small scale miners as they build the working relations.

He noted that some seasoned miners are sitting on huge claims with one miner in Bubi said to be holding over 500 claims along the Great Dyke, a resource that small scale miners are eager to access.

Mr Kaguru also said the aspect of technology remains critical for small scale miners given that beyond 40 meters underground, there in no free gold and only chemicals can separate gold from heavy ore, hence the call for on-sight milling of ore.

While mechanisation of the extraction process is an ongoing process, it is the processing aspect that has become an issue as miners go deeper into the belly of the earth in search of the yellow metal.
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